6 Tips Make Your Kitchen to be A Social Hub

6 Tips Make Your Kitchen to be A Social Hub

Long time ago, kitchens were just a place where it was nearly hidden away, used only by the servants. Today, kitchens are no longer for cooking,they’re the hub of your home. It is a place for human beings to connect with their families and friends face to face, share this pleasant and precious moment together. This is a trend that has brought us the concept ‘social kitchen’ .

Social kitchens show us the new lifestyle. While you are preparing meals, friends and family are more likely to keep you company, cooking and chatting at the same time. Kitchens will become an ideal place for holding party.
Does it sound wonderful?

The following 6 tips will help you to make kitchen become more sociable in a limited space.

Open Plan Kitchen is Best

A good way to make your kitchen arise more sociable is to turn into open plan style.
A kitchen that is open to another space in the home, such as the living room or dining room, is instantly more like a social space. You, your guests and family can relax in the comfort of your living room while at the same time being able to talk with those busily cooking in the kitchen.

Make Full Use of Islands and Breakfast Bars

For island, it is essential to create the physical social center of the space, Which also is a great place for gathering people. For breakfast bar, it can create informal place to eat snacks or to simply keep the cook company. Adding some bar stools for this social area so that people can enjoy themselves well in functional place. Here are some photos of breakfast bars or islands to suit any kitchens, either big or small.

Combine Kitchen and Dining Area

If the kitchen includes dining area, it will be the social center of your home, especially when you’re entertaining.
You may be surprised at how many people you can accommodate either in large or small space. Here, the kitchen cabinets are attached on one wall or L-shape, freeing up the place for a large table that’s fit for an unforgettable entertaining.

Different Height Island

If you have young children who are out of highchairs but not yet tall enough to climb and sit safely on a bar stool, consider lowering one end of your island to create an informal seating area that little ones and their friends can sit around comfortably. Different levels identify the different functions of this island, and the standard-height table area is perfect for children to eat supper and do their homework.

Use Colour to Reflect Your Personality

Traditional kitchen designs used to lack in personality. If you plan on using the kitchen as a more social space, it needs to be visually striking.

It should evoke your personality in such a way that guests simply can’t stay away. Fresh colors can go a long way towards achieving this.

Let there be Natural light

Warm and Bright
As a social center, different surroundings initially might influence humans feelings, so make your kitchen feel as bright as possible — you want your guests to feel pleasant as soon as they enter. Windows or doors that open out also have the added bonus of allowing fresh air and natural light come into the room.

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