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Custom Kitchen Creation Perth

We create customised Kitchens that won’t break your budget.


Simply provide us with the specifications of what you want, and we will get to work and create your dream kitchen.


We will provide you with the design drawings, and once approved, your new kitchen will be delivered and installed super fast and seamlessly.

Do you know what shape kitchen you need?

L shape kitchen Perth
L Shape Kitchens have cabinetry along 2 walls, giving you the feeling of open plan living.
Island Kitchen Perth
L Shape kitchen with & Island benchtop is the epitome of open plan living lifestyle & is the true entertainer's kitchen.
U Shape Kitchen Layout
U Shape Kitchens have cabinetry along 3 walls. Practical design for smaller units.
Galley Kitchen Perth
Galley Kitchen (aka Hallway Kitchen) runs parallel along 2 walls & is the practical way of having a great functioning kitchen in small spaces.

Be Inspired and Create Your Dream Kitchen Design…

We can create your kitchen with any colour, style or material that you wish.


Find inspiration from photos on our website or from around the internet.


Then we design, deliver and install your dream kitchen.

Modern White Kitchen

Modern White Kitchen

Simple, clean and appealing are the original intentions of this kitchen design. Concealed handle, smooth design cabinet and whole pure white tone not just make this suitable kitchen, but also like a set of beautiful decoration.

White and Grey Matte Lacquer Kitchen – L Shape

Because of its open layout design, this matte lacquer kitchen is not only about cooking but also about social atmosphere and beautiful & functional design.

Nordic Style – L Shape

Smart Design – L-shape kitchen layout takes a streamlined, flexible approach and can be easy to operate. Heightening design of the wall cabinets offer you more storage space.

Modern Dark Wood Grain

Is white too bright in your kitchen? Wood grain cabinetry here offers the perfect tone to warm things up, conveying a feeling of equanimity. U-shaped kitchens are great for cooks and guests.

Contemporary U-Shaped Wood Grain

A u-shape layout in a limited space, but the kitchen is still very eye-catching. The wood grain color presents a comfortable and natural style. When it matches with the black countertop, the whole kitchen looks elegant.

Modern White and Grey Matte Kitchen

A modern open plan kitchen and living area that opens up your living space.

Modern Unique Spanish Sintered Rock Kitchen

The natural sintered surface shows amazing dimensions in design, quality and sustainability. It allows precise manufacturing and results in seamless appearance. The 3mm thick sintered surface is highly resistant, easy to clean, recyclable and heat-resistent.

Modern Light Yellow High Gloss Lacquer

High gloss creamy surface presents a strong feeling of softness and elegance while the countertop evenly balanced the whole design with its black quartz appearance. Chic and interesting. It will be fun to cook here.

Modern White High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen

Matte or Gloss Kitchen Finish

You don’t need to have a lot of space for a beautiful, modern kitchen as this simple white kitchen proves. This kitchen is defined by its glossy white surfaces, helping it stand out from the rest of the living area. The long countertop can be served as a resting area, which gives you more human-facing experience.

Modern Wood Grain Matte Melamine

This kitchen cabinet of modern design is balanced, inviting, and naturally beautiful. A welcome look in standard overlay, offered at an unpretentious price.

Modern Open White Lacquer Kitchen

This kitchen cabinet of modern design is balanced, inviting, and naturally beautiful. A welcome look in standard overlay, offered at an unpretentious price.

Modern Wood Vaneer Kitchen

By using the dark wood grain as the main color, the whole kitchen presents a comfortable and steady style. The kitchen is sufficient enough for cooking even holding a party. Large island and table beside can offer you more working places and give you enough places to enjoy your meal.

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