Our Process

Home renovation projects and new kitchen designs are understandably daunting, so we have created a streamlined process that gives you the most control with the least stress. Keep reading to find out exactly how things will progress from that first consultation, to the day you stand in your new kitchen.

Initial Enquiry


When you make an enquiry with Kitchen Empire we will find out your specific measurements, and the design style you are looking for.

No final decisions are required at this stage, so keep an open mind and feel free to talk through all of your kitchen fantasies until you are happy.

It makes things easy if you can give us photos and as much details as possible about the shape, style and materials you are wanting.

Quote Estimation


After you have given us the rough measurements, the type of materials you would want eg. 2 pak paint or laminate cabinetry, we will give you a quote.

Our quotes include delivery and installation, and there are no hidden charges.

For most full sized kitchens, we will include an Interior designer to come out and help you design and choose styling options.

Kitchen Design Presentation


Using our innovative software we will create an 3D preview of your kitchen for you to review.

Now is also the perfect time to voice any changes you’d like, and once you’re looking at a design you can really get excited about we’ll draw up a final contract for you.

Utilise our Interior Designer

Does the though of having one of Australia’s best Interior Designers help create your dream kitchen or bathroom excite you?

For only $400, you can sit down and have a consultation with someone who can help you get the best out of your conceptual ideas.

The $400 is fully refunded if you go ahead with placing an order with us.

Placing Your Order


By this point the idea of your new kitchen will begin to feel real, and the anticipation will be building.

We will ask for a deposit – which is 30% of the total price.

Once the deposit has been received will be start work on your kitchen.

Usually from the time of order, we will be able to have it delivered and installed with 30 days!


Kitchen Installation


The time has arrived!

You new kitchen or bathroom will be delivered to your door.

We will have one of our project managers come out and install your new addition super fast! Depending on the size, even a full size kitchen will usually only take 1 day to complete.

Congratulations, and enjoy!

Enquire today to get a free quote on your dream kitchen…